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(Public Examination)
Duration The Foundation Course is of one year's duration. After successful Completion of the Foundation Course, the students will be admitted to the specialized course in:--

Name of the Course
1. Drawing and Painting 4  years 
2. Sculpture and Modeling  

4  years  

3. Applied Art 4 years
4. Ceramics and Pottery 2 years
5. Textile Design (Printing and Dyeing) 2  years 
6. Textile Design (Weaving) 2  years 
7. Furniture and Interior Design 2  years 
8. Metal Craft 2  years 
9. Animation 1/2  years
10. Fashion Design 1/2  years

Knowing the artist's and materials and finding their possibilities and Limitations through series of free and elaborate exercises. Understanding Of the basic forms and the fundamentals of drawing and design, Training In observation and expression. This cover the training both theoretical and practical. The student is made aware of the basic shapes and forms together with his understanding of space, in which these are relative way placed. In the practical application, these fundamentals are applied in drawing and design where student learns to see nature in a subjective way and understands the basic relationship between seeing and feeling. Thus he is made familiar with visual perceptions : From and Matter, relation between the objects of art and nature, origin of plastic arts as a way of human sensibilities and human urge for expresses. He is also taught through series of exercises, how an artist sees and expresses, how most of the objects have more than one meaning. Ultimately, the end of such a course is to build up an awareness in student about man's creative expressions and through the practical assignments offering them an opportunity to realize their own potentiality and limitations. Subjects The following subjects will be taught in this course : Major Heads : 1. Drawing. 2. Design 2-D. 3. Design 3-D. 4. Colour. 5. Print Making. 6.History of Art in India.