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Duration — 6 Months (Three days per week)


MGM’S College Of Fine Art has introduced Hobby Course in Painting [Part – Time] for those who have keen interest for painting but doensn’t have any formal Art Education. Main objective of this course is to improve interest in painting, basic understanding about painting as an Art, Introduction to the various techniques used in painting, to develop aesthetical understanding, introduction to History of Art. Is to develop a new aesthical view to understand the Art World. It consists of keen observation of nature, our surroundings and understanding their Artistic composition by our own process. It is a journey to understand our thoughts, aesthetical view, surrounding and explorings ourself throught the observations and understanding.

Practicals: –
  • Study From Man-made Object and Nature
  • Sketching And Landscape (out Door)
  • 2d- Design
  • 2d- Design
  • Study Man-made object and Nature with emphasis on constructions, Perspective and rendering in Linear and massive Drawing.
  • Sketching indoor and outdoor studies in Pencil, Cryon, Pen & Ink, Water Colour, rapid and time sketching Linear and massive drawing.
  • 2 Dimensional design : study and exploration thorough organization of elements and principles in design.
  • 3 Dimensional design : study and modelling of 3-D- Geometrical form and organization of forms for 3-D. Use of elements and Principles in 3-D Design Medium – Paper, Cardboard, Wire etc.
Introduction Of Medium such as
  • Pencil
  • Pestel
  • Water colour-Poster colour
  • Oil colour etc.
Debates And Discussion

Topic on Painting and related to fine art in general, social, religious aspects related to Fine Art be selected for Debates and Discussion to make the students aware about creations Art appreciation and equip themselves for Verbal expression on their subject. Students should be made aware to use book, catalogs, magazines etc. visit Art Galleries, Museums.


Hobby Course In Painting (part-time).


10th Standard / Diploma / Graduated from any recognised University.

Course Fees

Complete course fee paid in advanced at the time of admission by cash Rs. 5,500/-

Course Time
  • 1st July to 31st January (For each academic year)
  • Three days per week (Affternoon – Two hours)
  • 75% attendance is compulsory. 75% assignments are compulsory.
  • Oil colour etc.

Condition For Entrance- First Come First


1.Students are not eligible for Library Use. 
2.Form & Prospectus will be available from 15th May every year.